Designed By Bond

exquisitely casual jewellery

Designed By Bond is the collection of work by new designer Nicola Bond.

Her designs focus on colour fusions and shapes inspired by living in, and travelling through, some of the most colourful and exotic places in the world, from the gardens of Africa to the crystal waters of Thailand, from spending her childhood exploring the souks and deserts of Saudi Arabia to many years visiting the volcanic craters and white beaches of Ascension Island.

Her experience encompasses: fine art; glass-making; silversmithing; and jewellery design.  She was awarded a BA(Hons) in Fine Art by Gloucestershire University and spent a year gaining glass-making skills at the International Glass Centre.  She later trained as a jeweller through self learning, short courses at Central Saint Martins, Holts Academy and workshops at Cockpit Arts Studios.

nicholaNicola combines traditional silversmithing techniques, such as casting, forging and enamelling, with semi-precious stones carefully chosen for their colour and form to create pieces that intuitively evolve through the making process.

The raindrop motif plays a recurring role in her work, appearing in its own and several other ranges as well as on the hallmarked clasps and in the Designed By Bond logo.

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